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GSO Test

GSO Test


Girls - Winter                                       Girls - Summer

Blue shirt                                                                                         light blue and white check summer dress

School tie                                                                                        Grey cardigan with crest

Grey skirt                                                                                          White socks

Grey cardigan with crest                                                               Black school shoes

Grey socks or grey woollen tights                                              Blue, white or black hair bands/ ties

Black school shoes

Blue, white or black hair bands/ties

Boys - Winter                                          Boys - Summer                                 

Blue shirt                                                                                       Blue polo shirt with school crest

School tie                                                                                      Grey shorts or trousers

Grey trousers                                                                                 Grey v-neck jumper with school crest

Grey v-neck jumper with school crest                                      Grey socks

Grey Socks                                                                                     Black school shoes

Black school shoes



Please provide the following in a named PE bag:

Blue t-shirt with school crest, black shorts and plimsolls.

Teachers will advise you if and when alternative/ additional kit is required.


Jewellery and hair

No jewellery is to be worn in school except a watch. This includes earrings for boys and girls.

It is also expected that children will not have ‘fashion’ haircuts that involve the shaving of patterns/ lines into the hair. All long hair should be tied back with blue, white or black hair bands/ties. Children should not wear gel, wax, mousse or other such hair styling product in their hair.



Our Uniform Suppliers are:


Tel: 01923 255525

Mapac - Uniforms

DJ Uniforms

Tel: 020 8421 9488

DJ Uniforms