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GSO Test

GSO Test

Welcome to Year 2!


Key Information for Year Two

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Year 2 at Holy Rood

"We really enjoyed learning about Castles. We went to Windsor Castle and had so much fun but we didn't see the queen." - Rocco

"We work really hard to try and impress our teachers to get an Aiming Higher certificate and badge that we get to wear for the whole week." - Emily P

"If we get our name moved up on the behaviour chart we get house points. We can also get extra house points for being really good or kind and helpful." - Lola

"We look at some really good books in English and then we can write our own stories. My favourite was writing our own Prince Cinders story." – Malachy

"We have lots of jobs to do around the classroom so that we can help all of our teachers. My favourite job is handing out books." – Naomi

"Sometimes on a Friday we get to do PE together with both classes and both teachers. It is so much fun to compete against the other class." - Caiomhe

"If we work really nice and quietly, our class critters come out to help us with our work." - Emily S

"I like using the maths equipment to help me to understand new learning. It helps me to get the right answers." - Edward


Extra Information for Year Two Parents 

Supporting your child's learning at home 

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Developing letter formation/ handwriting at home

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